Updating FreeBSD with ZFS Root File System

This weekend I wanted to update my FreeBSD box and saw that the ZFS tools fundamentally changed. The UPDATING file has a corresponding note: 20090520: Update ZFS to version 13. ZFS users will need to re-build and install both kernel and world simultaneously in order for the ZFS tools to work. Existing pools will continue to work without upgrade. If a pool is upgraded it will no longer be usable by older kernel revs. »

FreeBSD: Encrpyted ZFS Root with Geli

ZFS is supposed to support encryption, but it does not yet on FreeBSD. In a previous post I wrote about setting up ZFS on FreeBSD where the root file system uses UFS and the rest goes to logical ZFS volumes. This time I use geli to encrypt a disk partition and use ZFS for the root file system. I encountered a few problems which I’d like to document here. The FreeBSD Handbook section on encrypted disks show how to set up encrypted disks with geom or geli. »